About the Society

About the Society


Dedicated to the memory of the greatest violinist of the 20th century, “Jascha Heifetz Society” is a non-profit educational organization devoted to the celebration of the legacy of the Master of the Violin, Jascha Heifetz. In honoring our professor, Jascha Heifetz Society presents master classes, recitals, and educational forums around the world. Jascha Heifetz Society exists to ensure the continuation of the legacy of Jascha Heifetz by providing an organization that fosters the love of teaching, chamber music, and stylistic playing.

Conceived and co-founded by Artistic Directors, Claire Hodgkins and Sherry Kloss (both long-time master class teaching associates of Jascha Heifetz), Jascha Heifetz Society is comprised of Mr. Heifetz’ former students, their progeny, personal friends and admirers of classical music, from every part of the world.

In 2000–2002, Jascha Heifetz Society sponsored twenty master classes and several recitals with participation of more than 130 students. In these master classes and recitals, Jascha Heifetz Society hosted world known artists, including Ruggero Ricci, Erick Friedman, Pierre Amoyal, Aaron Rosand, and Tibor Varga.

Jascha Heifetz Society provides master class scholarships, concerts and other performance opportunities for students of all levels. “The Heifetz Audition”, an international search for talented youth, and “The Heifetz Prize” to assist young artists to pursue their career and passion for classical music are two of Jascha Heifetz Society’s newest plans.

In the past year, Jascha Heifetz Society has partnered with groups for exciting events throughout the world. In celebration of Jascha Heifetz’ 100th birthday, month-long concerts and a competition were held in Lithuania, Mr. Heifetz’ birthplace, celebrations were also held at The Heifetz Institute in Ashland, Oregon, Pacific University in Tacoma, Washington, Yale University, Ball State University, and The Royal Conservatory in Brussels, where Professors Igor Oistrakh and his son, Valerie, presented twenty-five (25) students in two concerts in February of 2001 playing Jascha Heifetz transcriptions.

Jascha Heifetz Society is devoted to bringing world-class artists and teachers to students from around the world. The Society is supported by Charter Memberships, Legacy Memberships and gifts from Jascha Heifetz Society colleagues and friends. The Society is applying for support from foundations and individuals interested in the following projects:

1. Concerts in schools performed by gifted students (string players and pianists) to encourage the appreciation and study of classical music.

2. Teachers from Jascha Heifetz Society will conduct string classes, orchestras and chamber music in schools that have no music programs.

3. School concerts played by prominent artists who are exciting performers, and inspiring speakers, who connect with people of all ages.

4. “The Heifetz Prize”, a world-wide selection of young artists, who will be assisted in pursuing careers in solo, chamber music, and as orchestral performers, by artists including Jascha Heifetz Society Honorary Board Members and members of the Board of Directors.

5. “The Heifetz Audition”, an International competition for young string players with awards of coaching by world class performing artists and teachers, information from successful concert artists on important subjects including diet and health-oriented subjects, physical exercise, practice schedules, memorizing, and career planning.

6. Jascha Heifetz Society is planning master classes for students of all levels of performance and concerts by world-class artists in venues around the world.

7. Videotaped master classes and concerts of selected artists in the 2000-2001 Concert and Master Class Series. These tapes will be available to schools and teachers.

8. The Society’s newsletter, currently in development, will be supported by ad space and sponsors and feature a range of content to include technical articles, Society events, unpublished Heifetz color photographs with students and friends, and performance reviews. The Society is embarking on a “Name the Newsletter” contest.

Join with us to ensure the continuance of this precious project that will allow the Heifetz legacy to live on. Donors will receive notices of all events, our newsletter that is currently in development, access to a new “Members Only” section of the Society’s web site, and discounts on tickets to Society events each year. Your tax-deductible contribution will be used to provide scholarships, artist-teacher honorarium fees, as well as the types of events mentioned above.

Looking forward to hearing from you and being together again in music-making.

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